Friday, March 23, 2007


I have been working on the butterfly socks from the 2nd Chicks with Sticks book and I am about halfway through the second sock. I got all the way through the cuff and finished my 3rd butterfly (or so I thought), transferred all of my instep and heel sts to their respective needles, started knitting the heel flap and.........realized that I still had 4 more rounds to go on the butterfly before I could move to the heel!!! I can't just keep going because I worked my first sock correctly so the second one will be too short!

My only comfort is that I just placed a huge KnitPicks order (my first!!! Yea!!!!!) and I bought the patterns for both Wicked and Sahara to be done with my beautiful KP stash! *sighs* I think I am in love........

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Jess said...

Oh man wicked is AWESOME. I still dont know about Sahara. I think its beautiful, just not on me! So I am gonna try rusted rood for the sexy knitters club KAL.
OH I finished the doodle pants out of the yarn you swapped with me! I just posted a pic on my blog! Congrats on your KP order! You wont be dissapointed!