Thursday, April 3, 2008

Spring delights

You are looking at the very first real sign of spring in my neck of the woods! Granted, it is on my windowsill instead of outdoors, but it is nice to see new growth after this very long winter. The days are getting longer here and the weather is getting warmer and soon I will be out playing golf in the sunshine. (I can hope it will be soon, at least)

On another note, I finally finished Juliet! I really love those Zephyr Style gals and their lovely sweaters and this is no exception. The Ultra Alpaca is soft and smooshy without being overbearingly hot in the spring sunshine. It really suits this pattern well. Tomorrow, Juliet will get her buttons and loops and then it is off to knit Stardust for Shawn and Amanda's wedding! @->--


Jess said...

So tell me, what is that little but sprouting?
Juliet looks fabulous. I must get onto knitting that for myself! I think I might try the same yarn after all of the good things you have told me about it!

Desiree said...

The little bud is a verbena flower that I can't wait to smell :-)

You need to knit Juliet! It is so soft and comfy with the alpaca/wool blend.