Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seven Random Things....

Ok, I've been tagged and it has taken me forever to come up with my seven randoms but here they are!

1.I was born in Nevada but left when I was 5 mos old so I've never seen the West Coast. The farthest west i have ever been in my memory is Kansas City!

2.I have never seen the Wizard of Oz. In fact, most of the classics that everyone in the world seems to have watched, I have never seen!

3. I have an AWFUL sense of diection! Like seriously awful! It's a big joke in my family becasue I will come up to an intersection, go to turn left and someone will inevitably tell me that I need to turn right. If I am by myself tying to go somewhere, I will try to go the opposite direction I think I should be going and it works!

4. I love pretty notebooks and collect them yet never seem to write in more than the fist few pages. My 16 year old sister is in the process of writing a book (I know, she's very ambitious and she has been writing this book for the past 3 years which just blows my mind) and it drives her up the wall!

5. I love spy shows and books of all sorts and kinds and secretly want to be Sydney Brisow from Alias. I also think it is fitting that the show premiered on my birthday! Someday I want to get an autographed copy of the pilot script!

6. The bookshelves in the study at my house are overflowing, shelves bowing under the pressure, with books stacked on top of the shelves and I still can't stop buying more! When I am talking about my bookshelves, you have to understand that one of them is about 6 ft wide and 7 ft tall, which is completely filled and overflowing. I have plans to line the walls with these bookshelves. (My hubby doesn't know about this however!)

7. I have a horrible time finishing anything! I will leave the last inch of a sock or the last level of a video game for weeks just to put it off. There's really no reason for it, I just can't bring myself to look at it any longer, so I put it down. I know that when I finally finish it, I'll love the end result, but it still doesn't stop me!

So I am now tagging The Knitting Mafia, and PixieRiot . Have fun!


Jess said...

Oh my, you are too funny! Love the directions thing. I can relate. ;)
And the finishing stuff! I do that too! Never watched alias... should I?

knittygurl said...

YES!!!! It's like 24 only better! I have all the box sets!

sgeddes said...

There are so many classic movies I haven't sen either. I used to think I'd seen tons of movies - until I met my husband. He can always come up with something I haven't seen.

pixieriot said...

Hee hee. I actually did that meme already! If you scroll back a bit, you'll find it. :-)

I would LOVE to have some squares from you. Any colour, solid or variegated or ANYTHING... it's a complete and total mishmash. Just the way I like it!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

I suspect I would like Alias as the writers are the same as Lost?

And the direction thing, woman you are me. My apologies.

knittygurl said...

Yes you would love Alias! That is the reason that I started to watch Lost to begin with because nothing they do can go wrong!