Friday, August 24, 2007

The Saga of Sahara

Well, I am sorry for the lack of updates but I have been busy completing something to show all of you! Here is the finished Sahara! This sweater has been more drama then I care to admit. It started off really well. I got through the back and forth of the top and completed the rest of the body of it, bound off, then eagerly went to try it on. What I found was that although the top part of the sweater fit beautifully, the bottom (in the round) part of it was WAAAAY too big! I guess my gauge in the round is different than my gauge back and forth. Who knew? So I was heartbroken and mad and I put it down for a while. (Like almost a month kind of while!) When I got over the grief of having to frog it all back, I actually got through the knitting part pretty quickly. Then comes the next bit of drama.....I pick up the stitches for the sleeves and knit them up, go to try it on and the sleeves are too big as well! At this point I am ready to just frog the whole thing and pretend that this pattern never existed. But a little bit of inspiration saved me from that. I decided to knit some I-cord and thread it through the YO's at the base of the diamond rib on the sleeve and see if that would fix the problem and thankfully it did! I actually really like the tie on the sleeves and it finishes the whole thing off for me! YEA!!! I don't know what I am casting on next but I can't wait to do it!

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Jess said...

Wow that turned out really nice! If you would have told me you did that on purpouse, i totally would have believed you! It looks pretty awesome like that. :) very, very pretty color on you.